Calculus for the forgetful

How to understand more and memorize less

About the book

Calculus for the Forgetful: How to understand more and memorize less,  by Wojciech K Kosek, is one of the shortest calculus books available: it can be read in a couple of days if needed. Yet it provides a concise treatment of single variable calculus, along with many exercises and more than 130 examples. Informal, intuitive language is used to present the theory in a nutshell.  This book is an ideal complement to any of the comprehensive calculus texts. It can be used by students currently taking a calculus course, and by those who would like to review and organize their knowledge. Those who plan to take more advanced mathematics courses or are preparing for standardized tests will also benefit from it. The book is small enough to be carried around to other classes in which calculus is used. Students who major in areas such as mathematics or mathematics education, engineering, physics or other sciences, will be especially glad to have it.

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About the author

Dr. Wojciech Kossek

       The author of the book has Ph.D. in mathematics and has been teaching calculus and other mathematics courses since 1995. He believes that it is very valuable for students to have a general understanding of why various facts in mathematics are true, even if mathematics might not be their primary field of study. 

At this time, Dr. Kossek (formerly Kosek) teaches at University of Colorado Colorado Springs.